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    Harmonic Balancer

    Old thread revival How much wobble is too much? here's a video I just took of mine
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    What Tires Are These?

    I was thinking Super Swamper LTB's
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    Builds Treebeard (needs a new block)

    I'd buy it for $2500. that would make a great Winter beater. I love FJ60's in the snow, but my current one goes into Winter storage. ;)
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    Builds Build: Steve's 82 Longbed

    Fun project Steve! I'll stay tuned in. I miss my '82 shortbed and '80 longbed.
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    Tragedy on Cross Country Trip Home

    Depending on how long the head gasket was leaking, you'll want to inspect the cylinder walls while you have it apart. They could be scored bad enough from the coolant entering the cylinder that you'll be getting oil past the rings and your head rebuild will be for nothing.
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    255/85r16 on FJ60

    David, your post is not clear. How many miles/KM and what's the tread depth?
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    Wanted WANTED: These Rims (Wagon Style but not sure of series)

    forgot to mention, they were available from Toyota, about $200 each when I got mine. And I really like the Toyo MT's.
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    Wanted WANTED: These Rims (Wagon Style but not sure of series)

    255/85R16 Toyo MT's on 16x6 70 series steel wheels. They're perfect on a 60. On an 80, might be narrow and inboard a little unless you remove fender flares, I think.
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    Toyota Stout support group?

    Old thread revival. Mods should split it up and start a new thread about engine swaps on these. :cool: 2jz would probably be way too long being an inline 6, but the like Ige said, 2uz might fit? I know there was a Stout with an LT1 at the good guys car show in Des Moines I saw a couple of...
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    For Sale El Paso Tx 77 FJ40

    He had it for sale here on MUD awhile back
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    Roof top tent and roof rack combos

    Shawn, your 60 rocks. Looking forward to hanging out on the OutlIaws Run this year! I would love to get a flat Gamiviti if I had the spare coin, but for now my Yakima parts and old School ARB RTT do just fine. Never felt it was top heavy or too tall and I have used the crap out of this set-up on...
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    Roof top tent and roof rack combos

    I use 3 bars. I think they work great and the 30 year old design matches my 34 year old vehicle. ;) When I have the tent off, I can easily throw bikes up there, or a canoe, 2x6's, etc. Also easier to clear snow around vs a big rack.
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    Roof top tent and roof rack combos

    My 60 is pretty tall and narrow and I'm running an ARB RTT and Yakima bars with no problems over many years and many thousands of miles of travel. 60's are made for this. ;)
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    60 wheels

    You could always go with the 70 series steel wagon wheels too. 16" and gray instead of chrome. Look almost identical to 60 wheels. :clap:
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    Events/Trails Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2019

    What are the details for those of us who shun Facebook? ;)
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