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    Trollhole vs City Racer Carb

    If you go with a Fuji Carb (city racer) swap out the float for OEM Aisan and check the o-ring for the fuel cut solenoid. OEM is ideal, I rebuild them for folks and it keeps everything simple, but if you don't have the original carb, Fuji is a nice option (once you do the above :))
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    When to Let Well Enough Alone?

    If it makes you happy/sleep better at night, then do it. Enjoy the process so you can enjoy the final product.
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    Value/benefit of charcoal canister?

    Exactly as above, it vents your tank and the charcoal absorbs the fuel vapors. If you plumb the solenoid and/or vcv, it will also use engine vacuum to pull it through while running, which is a nice feature. My truck is desmogged but I've always kept the charcoal canister/evap system.
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    SAS SAS #6 Official Thread Aug 1 - 5 2022

    Busy few days, at a standstill until my orders from overseas arrive. SAS is looking a little more doable
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    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    And she’s in - took two tries, putting it in as entire unit took some patience. Thanks @The Machinist ;). Seeing the truck in the sunlight made me happy. Almost as happy as the day I’m driving it.
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    Vehicle pricing trend?

    It's not just land cruisers, it's been happening with cars for decades, 60s-80s 4x4's are hot and will likely hold for years to come. This happened with 911s about 8 years ago and continues to grow. You couldn't sell an impact bumper targa or 912, ever. Now you are luckky to find those for less...
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    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    The Godfather himself gracing me?! Thanks Jimmy! Hopefully you will see it in Colorado... Thanks Jorge! Worst vehicle to polish, ever HA! Don't hand me a welder and expect anything pretty but I'm pretty good at removing old stuff and installing new
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    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    Good enough to drive for me. Need a 1” pad for these trucks, too many hard angles to reach. Time to set the motor in this weekend!
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    For Sale Boise, Idaho: 80-87 2F air cleaner

    I forgot this thread existed! Unfortunately the pump sold locally :(
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    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    Hey Roma! Don't tease me with the thought of Bluewater! Idaho does not have a fine selection of seafood :( WRT the bolt, no dice. I need to call classic cruisers for that one, just haven't put time aside to do that. If you have one that isn't put to use, I'd gladly compensate you.
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    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    Haha, you gotta do the right steps to seal it. I use 6mo-1yr sealants from gyeon and it saves the paint. Trick is hydrating what’s left of the paint.
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    Builds Olive '78 Fj40

    Hope I can get this all evened out tomorrow. Paint came back nicely
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    SAS SAS #6 Official Thread Aug 1 - 5 2022

    Not sure if this year is in the books for me - if it is I should probably put this together.
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    Who wants to play "Name That Part"?

    That or silence them. I’ve seen sleeves from Toyota on the inside and outside of a spring, haven’t found a real reason yet.
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