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    GX, 07: torn cv boot - driver side, near engine - replace drive shaft?

    I had to replace one of my inner boots this year. It really was quite simple. Once the two bolts that attach the lower control arm to the spindle are removed and the sway bar disconnected, the spindle will move outward far enough to remove the axle from the differential housing. It may be...
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    Help!!! CA Exhaust manifold problem!!!

    Just sitting here feeling grateful that I don't live in Kalifornica. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful.
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    Visiting Maze in Spring, what spare parts?

    Glad you enjoyed your trip through my home state. It is so vast I will never see all of it in my lifetime. The Toyotas I have owned have always done me right no matter where I went. I even pulled a dead Jeep (no surprise) oven Elephant Hill back in '91 with a bone stock '85 Toyota truck.
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    Spring-to-frame pivot bolt

    I put a metal cutting blade on a circular saw and let it chew its way through the bushing flange and the pin. One cut on each side and the spring fell out. I knew the pin was useless anyway. I put it back together by pounding the pin out of the large flange and fitting a 3/4" bolt through it...
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    Jason's FJ6.0 Vortec Overland Build

    From what I have seen, exhaust wrapping does one thing extremely well; rust out your pipes. The honest truth about dual exhaust systems for mild engines is that they are almost always overkill. I ran a single 3" setup with a cheap Summit Racing muffler and it ran strong and was relatively...
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    Plywood sheet in a 60 series?

    The 60 is remarkably utilitarian. The tailgate/lift gate doors on the rear are far more useful than a lift gate only setup like my 4Runner has. With 4x8 sheets, I folded the rear seat down, opened the lift gate and left the tailgate closed. This put it on a slope towards the interior so it...
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    Front brake flex line/hard line union workaround?

    Drill out the welds that hold the bracket to the backing plate. Use bolts with the nut on the inside, tack weld the nuts to the inside of the backing plate. Make sure the bolts do not contact the rotors. This allows easy removal from the outside. The other fix, as has been stated, is to go...
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    do your own alignment

    I use a paint roller extension handle because it's adjustable and will lock in place at a particular length. Then I check distance tire to tire in the back and again in the front, adjusting until it's correct.
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    Toyota e-locker in GX

    As a side note, I drove the Flat Pass and Steel Bender trails in Moab last weekend. I highly doubt I would have made it without the locker. At the very least there would have been damage from the slipping around that occurs while waiting for the traction control to do its job.
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    WEBER VS OEM: The Facts

    I have tuned three Toyotas to run incredibly well with Webers. I ran my tweaked 2F with a 38/38 Weber as a daily driver for many years. I average about 20K miles a year, and it never let me down. There was no angle that could make it sputter, no extreme of altitude or temperature that could...
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    Opportunity in Seattle area. My loss, your gain

    It was an awesome beast, so capable, nothing I couldn't do with that rig.
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    Opportunity in Seattle area. My loss, your gain

    What is that?
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    Opportunity in Seattle area. My loss, your gain

    This was my FJ60 for almost 18 years. I sold it last fall to my nephew who took it to Seattle where, on Feb. 20th, it caught on fire. It will be auctioned this Wednesday, April 9th. The...
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    Toyota e-locker in GX

    I had an FJ60 for 17 years, most of that time it was V8 powered with stock axles and 35" tires. I never broke anything but the speed limit.
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    Any recommendations for front sway bar linkage replacement

    I tossed mine in the trash and never looked back...
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