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    New Keys - No Master? (Still confused...)

    At the time I tried my local ace and they couldn't. Maybe I'll pop in there and check it out again! Thanks!
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    Best model year for GX470

    Avoid the nav at all costs. But if you're stuck with buying one with nav, then make sure it's newer than 2006. Mine is a 06 with nav and the bluetooth is only for phone calls and it blows even for that. If you like using bluetooth for music, don't buy 2006 or older with nav. They're pretty much...
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    has anyone ever repurposed the rear door card ash trays?

    USB charging port seems pretty functional these days. Good idea.
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    Replacement Rear Shocks for Stock 470 Setup

    Thanks for the update!!
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    Headlight housings

    This: Plus this (don't skip this):
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    For Sale Toyota Sunrader 19' Not mine, not affiliated. But thought someone on here might like a cheap, sweet project.
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    [GX470] Aftermarket Stock Shocks?

    Nice! Thanks for reporting back. Did you do these exact ones? Now is a good time to tinker on the GX. So glad you're happy with them so far.
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    [GX470] Aftermarket Stock Shocks?

    I don't think anything can go all that wrong at the back other than if one blows up, I doubt it's gonna get warrantied and therefore we'd be out the money. The front I'd be more worries about safety.
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    [GX470] Aftermarket Stock Shocks?

    Do it and report back haha
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    [GX470] Aftermarket Stock Shocks?

    That's what I was thinking! But I think most people on here are probably "upgrading" to stuff geared more towards off road. I'll report back here if/when I do it.
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    [GX470] Aftermarket Stock Shocks?

    Hey man. I haven't yet, but I'm thinking I may try them just to be the guinea pig. Recently graduated school and started working, so I should have some cash to try it out soon. Let me know if you try them first!
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    [GX470] Aftermarket Stock Shocks?

    If I were a psycho GX470 owner and wanted to keep my suspension stock, would I be crazy to try these: has anyone on here ever tried them? Assuming these are probably the same thing...
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    Things you didn't know about your GX

    True. I had this happen on my 4th gen 4Runner. There is a little metal pin that sits in a plastic "holder" with a spring that pushes it outward. The plastic holder thing gets a crack that you can't really see unless you're moving the shifter, and the pin gets to fall out of place, not holding...
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    Slow to pump gas - fuel filler neck

    Have you guys tried pulling the pump nozzle out from all the way in a bit? If that makes any sense? Like don't have the pump all the way in...I use the little spring thing around our pumps (in FL) to gauge by pulling it out one "loop" of the spring. Seems to work just fine for me, as opposed to...
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    Best Mod for under $100

    Looks like they're (Amazon) bringing them back at ~$40 for set of two.
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