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    Not a Toyota but a good looking rig down in Barbuda.
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    Nice Cummins swap it looks like
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    Buying, Selling & Trading

    2007 fj cruiser original real coil springs. Maybe get em on an old FJ? Price: Free or a 6 pack 😉
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    Anyone know this rig? Has Overland Cruisers sticker

    Noticed a big influx of cruisers around town this past weekend due to the college back in session…
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    Buying, Selling & Trading

    @ttFJC offroad lifted Prius next?
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    Official August Club Trail Ride: Goose Lake August 13-ish

    I got off work later then expected today and heard beartooth pass is closed at night. going to camp outside of Livingston or possibly Columbus see you guys tomorrow
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    Official August Club Trail Ride: Goose Lake August 13-ish

    @90WT 8am Saturday morning start works for me. Would you guys wanna have a group breakfast possibly Friday or Saturday morning in Cooke or silver gate? I’m not sure exactly where I want to go camp Saturday night will go with the flow of things.
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    August 406 Cruiser Meeting this Tuesday the 9th. 40's Night

    Got off work late leaving my house in 5 should be there soon
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    What have you been doing with your Toyota?

    Tested out the new tires, fresh spark plugs and oil in my rig yesterday. Little bear over to storm castle. Fun easy trail with lots of great views and discovered a filled in old Mica Mine. Cleared a low hanging fallen tree also on the trail with my trustee machete saw. Billy gives his approval...
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    Official August Club Trail Ride: Goose Lake August 13-ish

    I’m 100 percent in. Plan on leaving late Thursday night and camping out somewhere east of Bozeman, don’t plan on going to far will rally with the group Friday maybe meet at certain time in Columbus? Any suggestions on a camp spot between here and Columbus?
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    Goose Lake… August trail ride YES or NO?

    Stoked for this trip, thanks for the recon info. Here’s the link bout the meteor shower. It’s going to be epic. I’m down to find somewhere on the way possibly Thursday night, to camp and watch the show...
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    Rocky Mountain Toyota RoundUp Summer 2023

    Hey guys just saw this on some channels I follow, I know it’s way out there in the future but some of the dudes leading and putting this on are legends in the off road world down there in CO. Check it out put it on your radar, I’m down to send it down there next summer for a week or so...
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    Question about potential tire purchase.

    Hello all, I got a 2007 FJ 6speed and looking at putting on General Grabber X3s LT295/70R17. Currently have a 3 inch lift and spc upper control arms. Question is does anyone have experience running this size of tire with the stock OEM 17 inch wheel? Thank you!
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