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    Buyin', Sellin', Tradin'

    Just wanted to give a shout out to @slow95z for an excellent transaction. If you need anything 80 related he's a great resource. I drove down on Saturday from Chattanooga and picked up a nice 80 gas tank since mine looks like I was storing salt water instead of diesel. Easy transaction and he...
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    Parting Out Parting 7 80s, lockers, 3FE, LXs, CE. lots of parts and always changing

    Looking for a fuel tank and the intank component sending unit. Shipping to 37415 or 37404 Commercial if less $ Feel free to PM Thanks,
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    Buyin', Sellin', Tradin'

    oval, but I was able to repair mine and get it cleaned up.
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    Buyin', Sellin', Tradin'

    anyone happen to have a late model 2F air filter cover? Preferably for a 40... Just wanted to check locally before casting a wider net. thanks,
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    Chattanooga Meetings

    I’m OOT mostly until February, but pretty open after that. Been itching to get back in the game. Might even have a functioning rig at GSMTR this year 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Chattanooga - Knuckle Rebuild Help

    I'll also throw my name in to help, also in North Chatt. I have all the tools except the SST and if you let me know when, can be available to answer any questions. Free to text so I have your number. Four Two Three Four Two One Four One Nine Nine. Also I agree with all that was said above.
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    SOLD LC80 Mint Side Steps and Lower Tailgate

    Still have the Tailgate? Will be in north Atlanta and could pick up to avoid shipping.
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    GSMTR Volunteers Needed

    On it. I delayed for a couple years, but finally got nailed this week. First 2 days are next week and it runs every other week for 4 months. I'll let you know if we actually indict a ham sandwich....
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    GSMTR Volunteers Needed

    Well, I'll be up this weekend to get help get set up, but I've got Grand Jury duty Mon and Tuesday so I probably won't be able to come back till Thursday afternoon. I'm available to do what ever needs to be done, running Registration, food runs, serving, etc. I'm not bringing a Cruiser, so...
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    Chattanooga Meetings

    Got my call changed, so I'll see yall there
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    93 Land Cruiser FJ80 winch bumper for Warn 8274

    Luke @ 4x4 Labs has one. High clearance and built for the 8274. Saw it a Rubithon a few years ago, and keep meaning to pick up one myself
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    Annual Meeting and Ride

    I can do the 14th/15 If anyone want VP, I'll step aside. I'm also happy to keep it --Todd
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    Custom Cabinet Grade Storage Solution

    Damn! I wish I'd gotten to see this while @ GSMTR!! Great job, and def taking notes!
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    What is this howling noise?

    I have the same noise at speed and like you it goes away as soon as you go into coast, but I'm running a 6.5 diesel with a Marks Flex plate adapter between it and the A440 from an early FJ80. I've also changed the fluids in the xfer case and rear diff (part time case) and greased the UJs. I...
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