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    Buschtaxitreffen Germany 2022

    Thanks Ralf!
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    Anti inversion shackles hitting the leafs.

    Consider moving the bracket towards the axle?
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    70 series historical artifacts. Who knows this story? And the other story?

    The Little Prince - Le Petit Prince -
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    Builds AK HJ-75

    Yeah or black might be nice too. It could make the black surrounding frame disappear. Is this just temporary for the camping trip or a strong solution for backing into things?
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    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    A friend stopped by with his new to him 1999 HZJ78. He has a roll cage, 5 point harnesses, dual shocks on all 4 corners and lots of skid plates with no lift. It looks like the previous owner liked the dunes. They moved all the batteries to behind the drivers seat for less weight on the front...
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    Builds Portland Troopy Build

    This is so cool you are doing this! I met my wife and ended up in Switzerland thanks to a language school in Costa Rica 22 years ago. Enjoy wherever your life takes you!
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    HZJ77 Lift questions (springs & body mounts)

    Terrain Tamer parabolics look to be the sweet setup. From what I understand you don’t need riser body mounts if you get new springs with +50mm
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    Builds The '93 Troopy Hodgepodge

    It just looks so damn cool! I am loving this. Bravo!
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    79 Series lift decision

    Beautiful truck you got there. I would go for some 255/85r16
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    Post up what you pedal

    My new bike is a homemade 4130 steel front triangle on a Scott Gambler carbon rear end. My tig welding skills are lacking so 8 need to check on this one pretty often. I made a second one but it is winter here and I haven’t built it up yet. I tried to make the second one a little nicer...
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    let’s talk brakes

    I am a big fan of the Hayes Dominion A4 brakes. The bigger the rotor the better. Formula Cura4 are also nice. Both brands make a 2 piston version but I prefer the bigger pads of the 4 piston version.
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    Life of Prado78 in Russia

    This thing is so sweet! Thanks for posting these pics! Do you have anymore of your village and the places you go with your Land Cruiser? Looks beautiful and pretty similar to places in Alaska.
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    Rear Door Cargo Illumination

    Ah ok. I’d like one of those too!
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    Rear Door Cargo Illumination

    The Odd Iron rear Troopy light is awesome. I would start with that. It is really bright.
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    Registry Post Pics Of Your Modded 7x Series

    Woah! Sweet. Is that a 75 cab on an 80 frame?
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