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    Noobie First Post

    Get a MIG welder! I had a Lincoln 110? And it worked real good for welding vehicles back together. But buy plenty of practice peices and be ready to flip the breaker alot :P you cam get them to attach to the gas bottles and that will get you a much cleaner weld (if you have a steady hand and...
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    In dash bluetooth stereo solution

    s*** man... once I get moved into my new house imma have to start building cool things like this... finally put that fancy education I got to work or somethin. Is the blue tooth reciever always outputting full blast and you use your phone to control everything?
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    Spring hanger pins are seized

    Sawzalls are a wild ride if the blade binds. I remember when I was trying to cut the body mounts off of my ford bronco to replace them. My dad gave me a sawsall and said get er done. Half way through cutting the rubber, the blade stayed in place then me and the saw went for a ride. Good times :)...
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    Complete noob with question about first FJ 40

    If you purchase it keep me in mind :)
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    1975 FJ40 - Will a set of barn doors from a 1970 fit my 1975?

    When you do get the barn doors showbus pics :) I have always liked the barn doors. Pretty sure my dad still has a set and I wanna restore them and get them on our 1980 fj40. But that's just a pipe dream
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    Complete noob with question about first FJ 40

    So... I'm inclined to ask. If you buy it do you need that plow? I see aspins in the photos and imma about to move out west and kinda want a plow :)? Lol no need to pay me any mind. I'm just day dreaming
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    Complete noob with question about first FJ 40

    More pictures are always good to look at. But cant really ever tell what's going on without looking in person. Looking st the cab picture I think they bolted the passenger seat to the lower frame of the original 60/40 bench seat... but what do I know :P might find alot of homebrewed budget...
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    CJ's 1962 FJ40 build Figured someone should respond to ya on this one. The EZ harness is made I think somewhere near Daytona Florida and is basically a fuze box that has a bunch of wires pouring out of it all labeled for various things such...
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    Tim's 1962 FJ40 Build

    First and Foremost This is a continuation thread of CJ's 1962 FJ40 build - (CJ's 1962 FJ40 Build. With this "build thread" I plan on casually telling the story for the remainder of the build. The goals that I have for this vehicle are...
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    Opinions on bumper design?

    I was adding material between the two, I ended up going with 1.5x1.5 tube because i got 12 ft of it for $28. Figure worst case scenario i don't like it and gain extra welding practice. I got all the peices cut and while i was welding the bars together i ended up blowing the GFI in the garage, im...
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    Opinions on bumper design?

    So, assuming my measurements are reasonable, i think this should wind up right about at the wheel arch. I will 100% keep the quarter inch for the winch box. The tubes are going to reflect what i can find and what the prices are. In an ideal world i think i would want to have quarter inch tube on...
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    Opinions on bumper design?

    I was aiming to tuck some smaller light bars between the gaps. for directional lighting. My dad is pretty keen on keeping the fj so i dont think i front plate will be needed, but if that changes ill just drill some holes to screw a plate down on. I was aiming to have it as a cross over between...
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    Opinions on bumper design?

    quarter inch is the only size tube solidworks wants me to use. I agree the 10 degree cut is going to be a pain. but i figure if i measure it out really well and take my time and make sure im cutting strait it wouldnt be too terrible
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    Opinions on bumper design?

    I am an idiot, i Had a supressed box of solid steel the outer dimensions of a winch on there. the bumper as displayed only weighs 114 lbs
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    Opinions on bumper design?

    This is kinda turning into my build thread for my bumper. Might make a new thread if yall would perfer. just let me know! My sister hit something in my cruiser and lost the plastic end cap and bent the hanger for the front bumper. So I decided im going to fabricate a bumper for the front. I...
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