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    Wanted FJ45LV Parts Wanted

    Taillight lenses. I help them w/ the repros and they are super nice.
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    PTO Winch Information

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    Builds Tagged '67 LV build

    Funny. I just made the connection that this is the LV that Paxton is working on. They actually reached out to me on IG and I send them a bunch of pictures of where the factory paint lines and breaks are on my truck as reference. Looking great.
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    Trade Miscellaneous LV parts

    I’d love the hatch struts all of my early hardware is yellow zinc plated but I have quite a variety. what sizes are you looking for?
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    Dash Advice Please

    Unless you are doing a 100 point resto just buy the set from FJ40Dash
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    Show me your rack, roof rack, home built...

    Victory 4x4 rack. Super sturdy and uses the factory mounts.
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    FJ40 Soft top trail cover

    I bought that cover a decade ago. I think Trollhole sells them still.
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    Wanted Factory Frame Extensions & Pillow Block Bracket

    I have a set of bumper extensions. The issue is that they are in Atlanta and I’m in California. email me.
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    Hideaway radio for LV?

    I have the Boss Audio system in my wife’s 40. It is super easy and plenty loud. You can stick the speakers anywhere and the control unit lives in the glove box.
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    Seat frame rattle can paint

    Rustoleum metallic satin nickel. Available at any hardware store is 98% of the original color.
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    Builds 1964 FJ45LV Restoration underway

    This was my solution
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    Builds 1964 FJ45LV Restoration underway

    Lookin good. I love the color and the taillight lenses. im guessing the lenses are from Toyota heritage?
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    Builds Another LV

    So who has a pair of NOS rubber heater tees for an LV? @cruiseroutfit @ClassiscCruisers @cityracer These have outlived their expected lifespan by a few years. I’m thinking that these wont be easy to find. I’m hoping that the brass ones from a 69-72ish ones will work, however I still need...
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    For Sale WTB: early F intake port sleeve

    I have a manifold, bolts and hold downs as well if ya want to pay shipping.
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    For Sale WTB: early F intake port sleeve

    I got ya. E-mail me at
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