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    12v ignition power for electric fuel pump?

    What would you use to mount an electric pump IN the tank?? Investigating doing this mod to my already modded to the hilt 40... Cheers!
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    Builds 1978 FJ40 Mustard Yellow - almost perfect thread.

    What does a 2-poster lift like that run these days?? Is it hydraulic? Cheers!
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    Builds 1977 FJ40 Build Thread

    One quick question and observation...are you sure that all of the body mounts have been used and installed correctly? If those were off, it could cause the body to twist more than a little bit and misalign stuff. If you already thecked that, then maybe the PO's body shop just welded stuff on...
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    Old Air Hurricane Install

    Any pix of where you mounted that condenser unit? Curious what you used for a fan on it too. Thanks!
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    Finally a Tacoma owner - 2004 Supercharged DCab

    What are you gonna do with the SCS wheels??
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    SBC and Voltage Regulator

    I apologize for not getting back to you. I do work for a living still. I took a look last night in my mounds of paperwork for a wiring schematic and did not find what I was looking for. (Good thing it works!) I'll keep at it and see if I can find anything that might be helpful. I did this...
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    SBC and Voltage Regulator

    Bypass it! You do not need it anymore with the internal VR. Been running mine like that for a very long time 👍..
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    Builds Cruiser Gear Legend Giveaway - FJ40 Restomod

    You can't blame a guy for positive thoughts!! :grinpimp:...I'll be waiting for the call when it is done!! :cheers:
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    Builds Cruiser Gear Legend Giveaway - FJ40 Restomod

    Cool to see what you are doing to my Cruiser ;)..
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    Builds My Holley Sniper EFI kit install into my 1978 FJ40

    So if I understand this right, the power surge unit has its own electric fuel pump inside and the mechanical pump on the engine block is what feeds the canister? From your reports, it apparently keeps up just fine, but maybe I am not understanding how this item works.... ???? PS: Think it...
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    HZJ40 RestoMod v3.0 (New, improved, and now with fewer sparkplugs)

    Wow! Awesome work sir 👍.....
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    gear installs dot com

    Zuk (Ken) is great to work with and a first class pro in the gear business! Highly recommend his service for any diff work!!
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    40 series Wall Porn

    Love it!
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    Builds 1975 Red Money pit

    Body work is a learning experience..usually painful for us novices! ;) The doors came our fantastic in my opinion, who needs show quality in a Cruiser anyway??? You got it to play with right!! It will get scratched and dinged sooner or later.... Cheers!
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    Builds 1975 Red Money pit

    My local guy did mine for $40...Kenny's Rod Shop. Great service and convenient to my location 👍.. You will have frozen knee caps!! Trust me on that one;)..
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