zf 5 spd into fj40

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Nov 6, 2003
Frankfort Ky
I'm hoping to drop a 5.0 with a zf into my cruiser this winter. I prefer the 5.0 to any other v8. The zf seems like a natural choice. However, it's my understanding that ford made no passenger drop xfer cases. Is this true, or are there any conversions available. I've searched here, ccot, pirate, AA, marks 4wd etc etc. Please help me out. I would love this setup, and really like my cruiser axles. Thanks guys.
you are correct no passenger drop transfers from F***. I do not do F***
stuff but if that ZF was bolted to a np 205 or np 203, i believe you can swap parts back and forth to mount up a passenger drop version?

ZF i know is newer, maybe look at the older 435, t 18, or convert to a chevy trans.
ZF is the truck only trans? like i said i heard of it, think I drove one at work before, yuck.

OR better yet/maybe just alot easier go chevy drivetrain.

Better question is you mentioned keep your axles, what do you plan on doing with the center output on most transfers, and a offset cruiser rear?

Dana 18, np 200, or a converted np 205, stock cruiser is really the only transfers with offset front and rears.
The 5.0 has been done, a couple of times that I know of, but I think HI^C's right, examine your choice of trannys. See what's available in adapters for the 5.0 and other commonly used trannys.
I too like the 5.0L, but the Chevy option is much better than the Ford for a few reasons.
The Chevy FI is much better documented and explored. Ford does not make it easy for just anybody to play with the programming.
Chevy parts are cheap and everywhere. You can buy them at K-Mart. This becomes really important when you blow a water pump in BFE on a Sunday.
The Chevy conversion has been done so there are parts and info everywhere. The Ford has been done as well, but I feel you will run into goofy things that will drive you nuts. VSS adapter, guage adapters, stuff like that.
I had a 5.0 and a ZF on the bench too. I sold them and used the money to finance other stuff on the 40. In fact, I have an even better Ford motor for a Cruiser sitting in a rust bucket at the shop now. A 4.9L with a 5-speed. now that's a chuggin', indestructable Ford motor. :D
My reasoning for the 5.0 and zf is to try something a little different. I believe the harness is much easier to adapt, and I have a few friends that race 5.0, so I would have a lot of help. Also, a 5.0 with aluminum heads is a very light and powerful moter. I'm trying to make the lightest cruiser possible, and the 5.0 is almost 100 pounds lighter than a comparable 305 or 350. Also, the zf, with integral bellhousing is 20 lbs lighter than an nv4500, not to mention 800 bucks cheaper. I could pick up a complete 5.0 for around 800 in good running order, and a zf for around 900 or so. If I could figure out the xfer, I wouldn't need expensive bellhousings and other miscellaneous adapters. Really just some hard labor and moter mounts, and a few crossmembers. Just so tempting...
Are all ford xfers f drivers and r centered? That sucks! Anyone else have any ideas?
Hey Gumby, what 4.9L motor are you talking about? Is that diesel, or is it a joke? I don't know too much about ford engines besides the 5.0.
Gumby, is this the same bellhousing as the 5.0? What five speed is with it, and how are you connecting everything up? If my 5.0 falls through, then I'll probably go with the new vortec 4200, the alloy inline 6. Nice distribution of weight over the front axle. Me like. Great power and efficiency.
I think it is the same bellhousing as the 4.9 often came as the base engine in vehicles with the optional 5.0.
I don't know what 5-speed they came with.
I'm not using it. I have a TBI 350 in my 40. I'm keeping it in the rustbucket F-150 it currently resides in.

I did a car-part.com search just to see what your Vortec might go for. It looks like there is a guy in MI who gets 'em from the factory. They all have super low miles. He has a whole bunch for $3000 each. I'm thinking with the engine and trans and all of the wiring and ECM, you're looking at $5-8K.
Right on Gumby! Thanks for the info. If I go with the vortec 4200, I'll let you know my thoughts on it's install, as I've never seen one done. It's seems like a damn nice engine, incredible power for such a light mill. Chevy FI wiring scares me a little though. I'm still having annoying harness problems with my truck. I restored every little thing, doing everything perfect, and ran myself out of enough cash to do a proper custom harness. Theres a guy here in Ky that spent TONS on his truck, over 70k, and had a circuit board spine go down the center of his truck, all mapped out, so he can just plug any setup into his truck. No more splices. I've still not seen it myself, but am really interested.

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