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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
What's your list for your cruiser.
Things you want to get done in the next year or so and things that are further on down the line.

By the start of 2013
Recentered H1 bead locks
Set of MTRs
IPOR skid plate
J-Moose roof rack
Rear bumper of some kind (most likely lukes)
Finish all the things i've got lying around that I haven't installed yet---------- install my dual battery system, my oba system, wire up HID's, install all bushings, finish installing FZJ80 brakes

(now i'm not sure i'll be financially anywhere near able to do all that but i'll shoot for it and i'm banking on some kind of raise soon)

Within 3 years
Diesel conversion (still haven't hammered it down) or
2FE with Turbo or
LSX motor or
Atlas motor
Poly front and rear

So that is my list and as realistic as I can make it.
What's yours
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Like these??:grinpimp:
I am just beginning my 82 FJ60 project-Godzilla. Named by Heather for the color and the crazy noises the air pump was making.


Working on patching all the holes on the roof above the drip rail. Got the back pretty much done and a lot of the drivers side as well.

Already done:New motor mounts
Complete tune up
Trollhole carb dialed in
Complete degrease of driveline

This year:Complete patching all cancer found-cutting out and patching in new metal
Lockers and new gears front and rear
New dash cover-Done
Volvo front seats-heated
Re cover rear seat to match new Volvo seats
New door panels and rear panels-Seaboard
Radio and CB
Locking throttle cable-done, pretty cool easy addition
Front bumper done
Rear bumper done
Roof rack

Long term:
Move up to 35s
4 link rear, 3 link front, maybe 80 axles
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Dozer's plan:

Next Year:
Refurb hard top and doors
Front 5-Point Harness / Seats to match
Rear seat of some sort to fit b/w 'pane tanks
Recurve dizzy for 'pane

3 years:
OE style soft top
Maybe 4 link the rear

When this list is done, she'll probably ride that way until I or it dies.

:beer: R
The 80 "Rolling Blackout"
Dual battery, LED interiors, 12V and 110V plugs
T-Case skid
New Exhaust

40 "70's Avocado Green Fridge"
Motor Mounts
Power Steer
Back to Nebula Green
Turn signals that work

Project 40 "Firefly"
Top Secret
Plans for the Cruiser

In the next year:

- Power steering conversion
- Some form of skid plate (PO broke off a few bolts in the frame for the stock skidplate)
- Hard top clean-up

Down the line:

- POR-15 the frame
- Clean up some minor rust spots and get a fresh paint job

Plans for the 4Runner

In the next year:

- On-board air
- Replace timing belt

Down the line:

- Roll cage
- Maybe chop the top on the rear and bob the bed a little. Not really sure on this one.

  • Install tune-up kit/belts
  • Rebuild or replace brake calipers
  • Install extended brake lines
  • Fix e-brake
  • Correct castor - Bushings or Plates/DC shaft (depends on how much correction needed)
  • Replace radiator (small leak at the top) and hoses
  • Clean up and install Slee Sliders/Skid Plate
  • Install CB radio
  • Install JDM grab bar for the :princess:
  • Build rear storage system
  • Purchase and install winch (still undecided on which brand/model)
  • Decide on how to carry my spare (rear bumper/roof rack/inside?)
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ooooo. I like this thread.

In the next 3 months-
  • Get fuel delivery or carb issue fixed and running perfect with Jim c Carb
  • Install heavy ass iron pig skid plate that has been riding in the back for over a year
  • Install front arb air locker that has been sitting in my garage for 9months
  • Finish putting rear barn door back together
In next 3 months
Re-install winch
Fix rear locker actuator-IN PROGRESS
Replace tail light i shattered taking old rear bumper off when i was installing my new 4x4 labs one

Within a year-
Dual batteries
new front leather seats
Possibly a MAF 38 gallon replacement tank

Finding the time is my issue for the most part right now!
  1. Maintenance: flush cooling system, remove rear heater and lines, power steering box reseal, front crank seal + oil cover gasket replacement.
  2. Completely remove EGR.
  3. Phone mount, additional 12V outlets up front, mount inverter.
  4. Interior tire carrier.
  5. Exhaust manifold rehab; have exhaust welded where I modified it.
  6. Drive the 80 and enjoy it!:beer:
ok, heres my short list.

replace bent rear control arm - done (Thanks Kyle)
secure another hub-cab (Thanks Jason)
mount invertor
mount on board air
replace o-ring in distributor (seems to be leaking a little)
maybe replace u-joints
upgrade cb radio - done

wish list
transmission/t-case skid plate
front locker
storage compartment where spare tire was.

85 mini toy
convert auto to 5-speed -done

wish list - a couple years down the road...
cut and cage it
large tires with little to know lift convert to coil over or something like it with links.
dual cases or crawler gears.
60 or 80 series axles w/lockers
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I'll play

97 FZJ80: May get 1 tons eventually....have only sold suspension and axles as of now..its a perfect candidate! On the back burner for now.

87 FJ60: Needs to go---will be listing part-out shortly

84 SR5 Minitruck:

Propane tank mounts.
Finish dual cases/driveshafts
Finsh cage install
Front gears and locker are at the "gear guy"
Beat it like it owes me money. :D

97 Dodge 3500:

Try to slow down the "Cummins drip" from the 6bt
Fix A/C
Have re-capped 19.5's trued or replaced with new or maybe centramitic wheel balancers----anyone have experience with these?
Long term:
Build up NV4500 to handle a little more power and actually have a 3rd gear syncro..I'm waay to good at double-clutching now. :D
6-700 HP clutch
More power...:grinpimp:

I also recently bought a nice 30ft gooseneck trailer, so I am looking at camper-type stuff for it..firts up will most likely be a hot-water shower on the GN.

install new body mounts
fix small leak from the output shaft on the TC
rebuild park brake
replace speedo cable
weld on METAL TECH nose gaurd
weld on anchor points
wire up an auxiliry fuse block
finish my antiwrap bar

I already have all the parts sitting in the garage just need to find the time to work on the cruiser.
Something to add to my list that i have not posted yet but will soon is a very important one now that i am not getting any younger.

Power steering on the 40. I am getting a serious workout right now with the locker in the front.
Something to add to my list that i have not posted yet but will soon is a very important one now that i am not getting any younger.

Power steering on the 40. I am getting a serious workout right now with the locker in the front.

I am with you on that, getting old is not for sissies.

I am on the fence with the truggy, full hydro or hydro assist.

Thinking hydro assist on the 60.
Got the rear bumper and swing out built

The new front bumper for the FJ 60 is finally done. As many of you know I was going around and around with whether I wanted to cut into the valance and grill to move the winch back thus allowing the bumper not to protrude out from the front farther than it had to. I chose not to cut the valance and grill, even ended up with a stinger on this one. They can be built without a stinger as well.

The bumper is constructed with 1.5” and 1.25” .188” and .120” wall 1020 DOM tube. Mounting plates to the frame and also for the winch and fairlead are ¼” steel plate. The bumper weighs in at 75 lbs. There are two ¾” recovery points tied directly back to the frame. The winch sits down between the frame rails and is supported by ¼” plate tied back to a 1.5” X 2.5” .188” wall rectangular tube. The bumper mounts to the frame using 8- ½” grade 8 bolts.

The winch shown in the bumper is a Warn Powerplant HD 12,000 lb winch, a very large winch with a compressor built into it. Photos show the size difference between it and a Viper 12,000 lb winch alone.

This bumper will appear on the web site shortly. As with all our products we are open to design changes. If you are interested in something a little different than what you see just let us know and we can accommodate your needs.






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