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Mag Mount--I normally would recommend a Wilson 500 or 1000 but the price has gotten out of control. Be very careful with amazon, you need to check that the whip is included.
I think the wilson models noted above are about the best on mag mounts. I have one or two that I've had for a while. Depending on trails you might want something with a spring.
For your hard-mount antenna, make sure that it sticks up at least 2' above the top of your vehicle. FireStik is great and easy to tune. FireStik makes 3', 4', 6', and 8' antennas. I use to run a cheap-o Realistic CB with a K40 antenna, until I purchased my Uniden PC122XL (CB+U/LSB). Tuning the K40 will require a pair of bolt cutter, if you have to shorten the whip. Somewhere my K40 was lost, while I was station in Okinawa. After I returned to the states, I started to use a 4' FireStik II. I haven't installed my CB into my new truck, yet, but hope to as soon as I can get my center console dismantled/rebuilt to accommodate my CB/Scanner setup. The K40 magnet is STRONG, so like Hack said, "be careful." Watch for pinch/wear points along the route of your coax. I attached pictures from my previous truck (see profile pic) to show how I'm intending on installing my CB into my new truck.

Also, there are a lot of guys out there that will tell you that you have to run your power directly to/from the battery. Do what you want. I've always ran mine to/from the a DC Outlet/Cigarette Lighter, especially since they were controled by the ignition switch. Don't like having to always turn my CB on/off, before/after starting/stopping my truck.

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