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Jan 30, 2003
windy wyoming

tossing it out as i don't think i'll ever get around to it and would rather someone get it out of my barn and on the road

bought as a rolling shell, so not at all original. engine is from a wrecked 77. oil pan was toast so clearanced a 1f pan i had to fit, but have since gotten a 2f pan that goes with it. 77 trans/tcase, custom rear driveshaft made to match the new distances. rear axle shaft/side gears are also out of the 77, so fine spline. front is still ball and claw. new water pump. fj60 gear reduction starter and fj60 dizzy and dented side cover. furman repo bug catcher w/s.

front seats are 40 seats that the po recovered in poo brown. they look great except for color so i have specter seat covers on them. because the leg on the passenger side is shorter on a 40, i have the section of floor from a 40 with the riser/nut piece to bolt it in. visor covers to keep them protected. all the latches for the hardtop have been sourced. glass isn't installed, but i have it all. new aftermarket fenders, sourced hood and side aprons from 72 and 77 fj40s. totes of parts with things like new door w/s, new window sill w/s. have some specter w/s, but it shrank horribly (hence the reason i never got the windows in), new oem w/s weatherstrip lock material. switches, wiper arms, etc.

ramsey pto winch with rear tcase drive and two shafts (not installed), new oem taillights with the original uber rare taillight clamshells. custom coolerman harness to mate 77 2f to the early 45. parabolic springs with overload spring. greaseable shackles and spring pins. ss brake lines. has some bed rust. rh cowl panel was pushed in at one point and is "weak" where the crease is. new oem bumper (has gotten scratched throughout the years tho). non us split rims. new oem rear brake shoes, bearings, seals. probably did the front but i don't remember, i'll have to check my photos. pretty sure i also did the parking brake shoes/hardware, again, i'll have to check my photo album.

$15000. please only if you're serious. keep in mind that this is not all bolted together and ready for a transport company to pickup. best picked up by someone with a pick up truck and a trailer where they can cram all the parts in the bed of the truck and the carcass strapped well to a trailer (bed is not bolted down and i wouldn't trust the top at 65+ mph since the gaskets aren't currently installed), or an enclosed trailer. located southeast wyoming. i don't have paypal because they suck. clean colorado title.




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Erik TLCA #5303
Aug 2, 2004
ahh the TIC parabolic springs.. i am running a set now to see how they last. Not many in circulation.

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