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Sep 7, 2004
United States
Looking to buy door glass for a 1982 FJ45 due to crack in glass.
My rig has the wing windows so the glass is not the full size. Left or right will work.

Updated with picture of glass with measurements. Also most glass shops do not carry 3/16" tempered auto glass much any more. Most is 1/4" making it harder to find. Still looking but in the mean time I will post this update.
Thanks :)
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because you need a special piece with the wing window, not many of those in the US.
could you have a glass shop use the cracked one as a template and cut a new one?

I have tried to have a piece cut at a few glass companies and because it is tempered old school glass, no one has the stock. The glass that is stock now is 1/4" laminated glass compared to I believe 3/16" old stock that I have.
So you folks out there reading this and need a piece of glass cut be warned that this is one of those items that is getting harder to fine but not impossible I am sure.
SO anyone have a left or right door glass they want to sell??? Troopy, 45, BJ40?
Worst case see if Dave at Japan4x4 or another person overseas can get these.



68111-90800 TEMPERED GLASS, T=4.0, W/O VENTILATOR WINDOW 1 € 50.30
68111-90801 TEMPERED GLASS, T=4.0, W/VENTILATOR WINDOW 1 € 34.32

68111-90800 TEMPERED GLASS, T=4.0, W/O VENTILATOR WINDOW 1 € 50.30
68111-90801 TEMPERED GLASS, T=4.0, W/VENTILATOR WINDOW 1 € 34.32
Just thought of this:

Since you have the smaller window pane because of the triangular vent window, there should be plenty of the larger glass panes--used condition--out there and available, which you could have a competent glass shop cut DOWN to your needed size using your existing cracked pane as an exact template, possibly even cutting it so as to keep the Toyota markings on the now-smaller piece of glass.
Thank Bear for the reply. I did not know much about auto glass until I needed this window so I am learning. I thought one just goes out to an auto glass shop and has it cut and that was it. I now know it is not quite that simple. Windshields are no problem, its the others that may cause one to do a lot of leg work. I did find someone here locally that will make the window for me or should I say have it made, unfortunately it has to be shipped out of town to a other state that specializes in making glass. As said our old Toyota's use a thin 1/8" tempered type of glass for the door windows, wings, side, and possibly the rear, not the laminated as found in US car's. This type of Toyota glass is that if you strike it in the centered with a hammer it will shatter into diamonds, OK small glass. This is old-school stuff so as the years go by and safety and such drive the train so the product will change. Not used much anymore. Anyway it will cost about a $100 for a 18x19x1/8 of glass to be made. It has to be first cut then it goes into the heat tempering stage that takes a bit of time to do. SOR said they had a used one for around $85 plus shipping (?) but for a few dollars more I am going to try this and have hopefully a nice new clear window.
So if I can say one thing more, if you need to replace your side or rear windows be warned that it may take a bit of time and money to have it replaced. :cheers:
"Wow" am I done?:flush:
one on the way

No I'm good due to the one I am going to have made. Thanks anyway.
Hi all, trying my luck here and revive the thread. Anyone have this glass? I have an Australian hj47 with vent window.

The one I received from sor is too thick.

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