WTB 79-82 FJ40 in Southeast

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United States
Looking for a Rust Free 79-82 FJ40 with Hardtop. Tired paint and mechanicals okay. Prefer Factory PS. I'm located in Ocala, FL (north of Orlando) but willing to drive a few hours for the right truck.

71 if you change your search years

If you change your mind on the years, let me know, I am going to put up my 71 FJ40 for sale in a few weeks, I'm in jacksonville, really nice, solid Fj, with HT, most everyting done, paint fair
email if intrested

here's a few pic's, good luck in your search
Still Looking - I am even willing to do a long distance deal for the right truck if I can find somebody to lay eyes on it for me. I need a truck that is a strong foundation to build up as a resto-mod (much more resto than mod) Dream truck is 79-82 (newer the better) with factory power steering and no rust or bondo - a well done replacement tub in steel or aluminum is fine. My plan is to do a Vortec conversion, so bad motor is fine. Florida has no inspections, so I don't have to worry about smog compliance. Plan on painting it Nordic Blue, so a poor paint job over a good body is not a problem. Would like to be in the 8-10K range, but not afraid to go higher for the right truck as long as it still a fair deal. Really not looking for a done truck since part of the idea is to do an "easy" resto with my son (I have done 3 other serious car restorations, so I know easy is a relative term). There just doesn't seen to be anything out there right now, but I know that this site is probably my best place to find the right truck. I have spent days reading the threads on this site and think I have a pretty good strategy worked out to get to where I want to be - now I just have to find the right truck to get started!!!


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