Worlds messiest oil change

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Mar 16, 2003
Olympia, WA
Not cruiser related, but plenty embarrassing.

My current daily driver is a 1996 Dodge Ram. Oil change time rolled around and since UPS had just delivered the 5 quarts of Royal Purple I ordered from Amazon, I decided that last night would be a good time to get things done.

Should have realized that things started off bad when I couldn't find a funnel. Since under the hood of the Ram is not nearly as nice and open as under the hood of my cruiser, there are exactly 700 things that get in the way of pouring oil into the engine. Since I had already drained all the old oil, I had to give it a shot and try to get the new oil in without too much mess navigating around all the obstacles. Needless to say, I failed terribly and probably ended up with half a quart of oil poured down the side of my engine. If that wasn't bad enough, as I was getting the drain pan out from under the rig, I sloshed it around and poured about another half quart all over my driveway.

I have been trying to clean all the residual oil up since, but expect there to be a drip or two for another day or two.

After I think the residual has stopped dripping, I will tackle the driveway and get it cleaned up.
Powdered laundry detergent sprinkled on the wet oil and allowed to set up over night always worked for me..Or brake cleaner...Good luck and I hope you find your funnel..
Yup. That works. Cat liter is great as an oil grabber. I have also used cement/mortar mix. Just sweep it around on cement till it turns dark from all the oil it has absorbed. John
I put kitty litter on it immediately, but there is a decent stain. I also suspect that I will have a little residual dripping for a few more days. After that, I will attack the driveway with some brake cleaner.

I used this stuff called Pour & Restore in the past, it worked great, but was very expensive. Brake cleaner is a lot cheaper.
Brakleen....and done.
I just use the blistering AZ Sun. The oil stains in my driveway (especially when they are "fresh" oil or power steering fluid) only seem to last for about 3 months.....

Pour-N-Restore. Let it dry, sweep it off. Servers you right for owning a Dodge. :rolleyes: :D
Muratic Acid from your neighborhood Pool section diluted abit will clean it right up, careful of the fumes and dont let it set to long or it will etch the concrete. Rinse away with lots of fresh water.
Could be worse. :lol: On my first oil change as a sixteen-year-old, I forgot to put the plug back in the pan before "filling" the block... :eek::eek::eek: Filled and overflowed that oil catch pan pretty quick. No synthetics to waste back then on my good ol' '77 Datsun truck.
I was actually thinking my driveway might look nice if I used a squeegee to put a fine coat of oil on my driveway, just the thought of crashing though my house scares the crap out of me.. How ever the thought of water beeding up on the driveway sounds so appealing..
I just pour some gasoline on it brush it around and power wash it up. Works every time.

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