Work Day at Ralph's

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Jan 11, 2005
Just talked to Ralph and he is planning a work day this coming Saturday to do some landscaping and other spring cleaning items. It will probably be more work and less screwing around than our normal work days as there are other people coming to help and this is not a Georgia Cruisers Event. There will of course be some time for that and some trail riding too.

If anyone is interested, check back here later in the week and I will post details when I talk to Ralph again.

I also mentioned the idea of a summer event (June/July) up there where we could swim, cook out and ride and he said just let him know the date.


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Mud for blood is the same day, can we do it another time?
Im booked up the next couple of weekends anyway.
Yep, M4B is the same day and already planning on supporting the local vampires.
this is an impromptu work day and not a club event, Ralph just emailed me today and said they were working if anyone wanted to come up and help out.

If you can make it great, if not dont worry..


Ralph has a landscaping crew coming to lay sod and most/all of the rest of the work has been postponed due to scheduling issues. Feel free to stop by and help, hang out or hit some trails, they will be around all day Sat and maybe Sun too..



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