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May 7, 2013
This may be stretch but does anyone know if they sell the wiring kits or individual wires to d a complete rebuild on a 1972 FJ55
I am myself finalizing a Painless Rewire kit. It has been pretty much painless with the exception of turn signals, low/high beam and ignition switch confusion. I have little to no knowledge in car restoration other than watching the shows on TV and have been able to complete my total rewire in about 40 hours of my drinking beer labor. The PO of this truck had the worse case of clusterfunk wiring I've ever saw, found melted wires together, signs of past minor fires and some 20 relays all over the rig, problem is now solved for the most part. hope this helps
depending on what your truck is going to have the painless kit works pretty good, also kwik wire makes a decent kit as well, I've used both so far and I like the fuse box on the kwik wire a little better and it has a coil kill toggle switch built onto it. Both are good kits but neither are built for a 55, but the wiring will be basic on a 72 so you can adapt it pretty easily if you understand wiring. they sell them with as many circuits as you need if you plan on running a different engine or accessories. The only problem I've come across is trying to find connectors to replace the rotten factory ones, the aftermarket stuff hasn't impressed me so far but still searching.

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