Wipers out of control??

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Jul 27, 2005
Roseville, CA
My friggin wipers are acting crazy!! There not stopping in the vertical position(up and down). When looking from the drivers seat out, the drivers wiper wants to go completly of the windshield but is stopped by the seal, and the passengers side wipes all the way across to the middle of the drivers side of the windshield. Also on the return they seem to be slamming down furiously.

Is there away to adust the path of the wipers so they stop verticaly and return w/o hitting the bottom of the windshield? Or do I have a bad component somewhere, I could be wrong on this, but something tells me the stops for the path of the wipers are built into the motor, I don't know? :-(

Thanks for any insight..
yah mine do that to. except on intermittant or when i stop them they want to stop halfway up the damn windshield. sorry no answers for you as i have bigger s*** im worrying about so i havent gotten to it yet
Thanks 60 dawg, good thread..

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