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Oct 5, 2015
December Tuesday the 19th, bring some Christmas gear, Christmas cheer, maybe we can do one of those prize draws, or gift exchange?

How about at 6-6:30
We found the Brewsters in Castle Downs as a good enough location- near to none, far to all! That local sports team that once had a good era but is not really doing it even for it's most die hard fans will not playing on Tuesday so we shouldn't have capacity issues.

Google Maps

There may be some items to discuss including our Annual Trip for 2018, Potlatch's plans for putting a Turboed Vortec in his 40, whether instagram is or is not too new school, and my recently discovered foot bunion and the home remedies that may or may not be working. Ok, we can leave the last item out of the talk.

I have some beers I can commit to, and seemingly Bambino does as well.

So bring some Christmas cheer and I hope we have a good turnout.
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