Windy City/Hoosier Cruiser PYS across MO.

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Dec 1, 2006
Tinley Park, IL
Here it is Gentlemen. The official Windy City/Hoosier Cruiser Mini UA. June 13th-21st. Thanks to Bill/X Factor for getting the Info (where did that coal icon go to give to Bill for his eforts?)

We will be leaving June 13 Meeting up in Effingham, IL (I-70 and I-57) for the most of us. Others are welcome to join along the way or before.

First stop will be Washita, Washita Trails Motorcross ,in Farmington, MO. Spending a day or two there. Leaving the latest on the morning of June,16.

Second stop will be Flat Nasty. Welcome to Flatnasty. Spend atleast two days most likely three days to fit in some night wheeling. Leaving morning of June 19 the latest.

Third Stop will be SMORR. SMORR, Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch - Home , located in Seymour, MO. As informed by Bill, the Tornado Alley Cruisers will be doing a shake down run for Gator. Staying here for two days possibly three if some choose to do so.

Last stop is completely optional. It is Rolla, MO. Will pass through here on the way back home on June 21st. I myself will be passing through and taking some if not all of Historic Rte 66 back to Chicago.

All in all this looks like a good substitute for GSMTR. Who's In?????

Here is the map
Windy City/Hoosier Cruiser Mini UA Trail Map
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If we are calling this a mini UA, I think it is only right to uphold the traditions.....


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If there's free charcoal involved I'm all in.:flipoff2:

I like the lay out for the trip but would only be able to do the beginning and the end due to money and vacation time,3 days on the books by June.:rolleyes: I'm in for the Washita and SMORR portions. Flat Nasty has an excelent trail map and is very easy to get around once your familiar with a couple of points. There is a waterfall on a black trail I have not seen so take pics if you go there.
If we are calling this a mini UA, I think it is only right to uphold the tradions.....



There is also very strict mechanical guidlines.......just like a sanctioned TLCA event..........e-brakes must be functional.:flipoff2:
Sounds like a plan. Thanks for posting up in a new thread.
I'm in. Now I realy need to get to work in the garage.

You know I'm all in for this. I ain't got some trailer. So I'll be drivin it. I may or may not have an e-brake, I'll never tell
Let's plan to talk about this some more on Saturday at the Badlands and firm up some things.
Let's plan to talk about this some more on Saturday at the Badlands and firm up some things.

6:15 to 6:35: Mini UA discussion.
This was discussed at the recent badlands shake down run. Meeting in Effingham. There is a large truck stop(s) we can all meet at. Time is TBD. THe length of time that we will be staying at the parks is TBD as well. It all depends on wether we like the park while we are there. If we dont like it we can leave early or if we do, stay longer. I use to travel through Effingham while going back and fourth to SIU so I though it would be a good place to meet.

This is the MAP: click-> Windy City/Hoosier Cruiser Mini UA Trail Map <-click

For those of you that dont know already, you can customize the map to add or subtract destination along the way. If you click "add destination" in the top left corner, it will give you a new spot to add a destination. You can grab the new destination F and move that destination to go before, after or in between any spot that you would like. For instance you can click add destination, move it to the spot above destination A which happens to be Effingham, enter you home location and it will at the distance from you home to Effingham. Obviously Effingham will then become destination B and so on.

I would like to clear up Rolla, MO as well. That was Gumby being a smart ass which went right over the top of my head. Supposedly there is a former windy city member lunyou ( if i remember correctly) that is now down in Rolla. When I google Rolla I saw that it was on Old 66 and there is a school of metallurgy there as well. I thought I was missing something interesting with the school of metallurgy but apparently Im not. So you can eliminate Rolla from the map if you would like as well.
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Yikes, 400 mi on the 13th for me. And 471mi to get home from SMORR.

1000+ mi total. My Pitbulls will love me! I will definatly be wearing earplugs!!!

Sounds like an old WWII movie soundtrack..

Pilot to Bombadier...Pilot to Bombadier

It really does sound like an old b 27. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to get my hearing back after a drive back from the badlands.
I just posted up a thread about our trip over on the Tornado Alley Cruisers board. I see that Bill already posted up at the Gateway Cruiser board. Hopefully we will have a bigger party.
I am sure I can get several of us from Ozark Mountain Cruisers to join in since SMORR is in our back yard. I would like to get back to washita also/

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