Windshield trim part numbers

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Oct 21, 2020
I am going to try undertaking the wind noise I have around my windshield myself. No glass shops anywhere around me have ever heard of a land cruiser. Even the local toyota dealership has never done a land cruiser and doesn't want to. The one thing I need though is part numbers. I am looking online and am a bit confused about which piece is which. I think I have figured the numbers for the rubber strips that go on the sides which are completely missing on my rig. From what I can see though it looks like there are two parts listed for the top molding and a couple of different options for the side moldings. Anyone ever done this before that happens to know the correct part numbers for all of the windshield trim? It's a2001 lx but I'm guessing it's all the same for the lc as well.

The rubber strips that cover the riveted pieces are 75543-60020. You’ll need 2

The expensive pieces that get riveted in place are:

Piece going horizontally across the top edge is 75531-60030
Thanks for the replies everyone. This is very helpful. I do have the factory roof rack.


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