Winch lock on 4Plus bumper (1 Viewer)

Mar 13, 2014
Finally got a winch on my new 4Plus bumper yesterday. I lost a little sleep thinking how easy it'd be for the winch to walk away so this morning I bought some peace of mind from Home Depot for ~20 bucks.

The idea is that access to one of the front winch bolts is prevented by the lock. Accessing the winch bolt from inside the bumper with your standard tools is also difficult/impossible. Even if you could, getting enough leverage would still be tough. I know welding bolts and nuts is a popular option, but this way I can still have full access to my winch within a minute.

How are you guys "locking" your winch?

The parts:
Hasp (but I think I'll keep looking for something more solid...)

Sorry for all the lens flare, haha, JJ Abrams took this photo ;)

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