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Nov 24, 2007
Omaha, NE
I'm looking at this 93 LC: 93 Toyota LandCruiser 4wd, Loaded, 156,000 miles

The different car appraisal websites have widely varying valuations:

Edmunds: $2951 (clean, 156k miles, with options included, private party sale)

KBB: $5835 (same options)

NADA: $5050 (clean retail price, $3700 clean trade-in value)

Why the big differences?

Oh yeah, what do think about the LC? I was thinking of offering $3500, as there's some rust at the bottom of a couple doors.

Mar 27, 2003
Camas, WA USA
IMHO, with older niche vehicles like ours, I think the bluebook type information is pretty worthless except as a tool to try to talk someone down on their sale price. You will have better luck researching local classifieds for a while, and going from that knowledge base. As far as I am concerned, a rusty (even minor) vehicle is not worth buying at any price, but I am blessed to live in WA where we don't have such issues.


Jun 24, 2007
Scottsdale, Arizona
I use the Autotrader website where I choose the "unlimited distance parameter" which includes all models of your choice for sale in all the U.S. This will take all the models and figure an average price. I just sold my wife's Toyota and nationwide for her model year came up with a strong sample size of 461.

I feel this is a good tool in helping determine a somewhat accurate market price for the vehicle you are looking for/selling. You can even eliminate dealers and get the average private party pricing only.

Not exclusive but it has always steered me right. Of course you will have to figure in condition, region, etc.

Like I said, a good tool IMHO- not the end all in determining price. I dont bother with KBB.

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