Whose rolling a diesel

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Mar 19, 2005
`Any 1 here rolling a diesel in there cruiser how do you like it overall for wheeling , daily driver, etc? Would you prefer a v8 to wheel with?
You may want to check out the diesel forum. Tons of info on diesels, also check out the diesel link in the tech links. I have a 1HZ w/ a turbo, but it is sitting in a shop waiting to be installed. I drove a non turbo 70 series w/ a 1HZ in Costa Rica and it was very fun. Good solid power with more to give. Had a pretty steep hill to climb up to the hotel, no problem. It also can get very good milage. 20-25+. But they are not cheap. Do lots of research.

Have fun,
guenther65 said:
You may want to check out the diesel forum.


Will get far more replies in there.

Diesel and V8....not even in the same leauge.

Good luck!


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