Whose FJ80 is/was this?

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Mar 24, 2008
Portland, Oregon
Hi all,

Can anyone help me find what thread this photo came from?

I found this photo on this site a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to bookmark the thread. I think the person said it was a photo of the LC they used to have. I would like to find out more info. about the wheels and tires. Can anyone help me find the owner of this cool rig so I could find out more information on it?

The file name was: JCruiserDriveway3.jpg

Many thanks,

now their is a needle in a haystack.............
TomZwheels here is the website he used for the wheels, I saved it but not the original post.
A couple questions for Matt...


Thanks! That was an awesome rig you had. I'm new in the whole LC scene with a '97 FJ80 I purchased a month ago. It's pretty stock and I'm looking at throwing on a 3" lift.

I have just a couple questions:
1) Can you tell me what size tires and wheels you had on that white '91 LC?
2) On the link above from McDowra, TomZwheels shows 6 different wheel sizes. Can you tell me which ones you purchased?
3) Also what kind of tires did you have?

Thanks again!

I can't wait to trick out my ride and that photo of your old '91 is really inspiring me to make it happen.

Those tires are BF Goodrich all terrains.

Those rims kinda look like Weld Racing Super Singles for a fraction of the cost.

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