who knows the weight of an fj60??

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Feb 8, 2005
I need to trailer my vehicle back to the midwest and uhaul says I can't use their car carrier (max 4000lbs). but I have a hard time believing that it weighs that much. They said if I can get a printed copy of the weight under 4k then they'd ok it. anyone know for sure? thx
Well the VIN plate sez GVW=5360 lbs

Owners manual sez capacity(occupants & luggage)=900 lbs


approx 4460lbs

yeah too much for U-haul

your only other choice is to get it weighed and pay for a certificate

freight terminal, truck stop etc
UHaul has some silly policies, but I do not think you are going to find anything written that will say it weighs under 4K. Maybe you could remove the motor and ship it separately? I think the 2F weighs about 3,200 lbs!
Would this be an African or European 60? :)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

My 60 is approx 4800 lbs according to the local rock quarry scale.
Tell Uhaul that you are towing a Geo Metro. Unless they follow you home, who's to know but you.

Dang is that all? I didn't think a stock HJ61 weighed that much more. My dump NET weight is usually 2510kgs. 5530lbs (minus me) = 5330lbs.

EDIT just found some more dump receipts.

My Westfalia weighed 2540kgs

Towed it on a U-Haul car carrier behind a U-Haul truck.
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But they can handle it. I hauled my HJ60 back from toronto (about 9hrs) on a uhaul trailer behind my friend's duramax....ZERO problems. at speeds up to 90mph it was very stable. ( :doh: :rolleyes: not smart i know, the truck was new my friend wanted to see what it could do).

I just told them i was hauling an old saab.

i also told u-haul that i was going to tow a sedan and hauled my cruiser about 9 hours without any problems. it can be done, although, for the record i don't condone such behavior either.
curbweight = 4,255 lbs., provided it is still all OEM....

straight from Toyota Corporate,

-dogboy- '87 FJ60
euclid said:
Me too. Recovery gear and loaded for a 2-3 night trip. No passegers.

yap in long trips here you need to carry with watter, diesel, and a lots of spare parts ..

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