White FJC?

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Aug 2, 2005
Just got off the phone with the sales manager where I'm first on the list for a FJC.Asked about when and what was coming in and he said he would have one on March 22nd,but it would not show up on his lot until March 27th.
Asked how it met my preferences(blue and manual tran.) and he said it would be white in exterior color and blue interior.How can this be?He said all would have white roofs(knew that) and that this one was white exterior and not silver.
I'm thinking since the interior is blue and interior trim is supposed to match the exterior color, he may just be wrong about the white exterior color.
I have not heard of white as a choice for exterior color.On Toyota's web site they do not list white as a color.I think this guy is just wrong.
He did say after the first one it would be 30 days before they get any more and then maybe only one or two more for awhile.He felt it would be harder to get than the Prius.It's probably sales talk,but I'll have to really think about manual verses auto before I let the first one go and wait on another.
plus-can drive an auto with beer in hand(off road)
minus- wife can drive an auto,but not a manual.
I think he is wrong, it is probably blue ext w/white top.
firetruck41 said:
I think he is wrong, it is probably blue ext w/white top.

Yup, me too.

Ask for the truck's color code.

What a maroon...white with blue interior!!! if it was me I go down and slap some sence into that boy.......I think I would start checking with outher dealers no telling what this clown will order.....
they are white....until you peel the protective stickers off:D

pic from Mark aka helocat's thread:
salesmanger=wrong info

I got the correct info after having the sales manager send me the update sheet on the first FJC coming into town.It is a blue exterior,white roof and charcoal interior.It said EXTERIOR White/Blue INTERIOR,so he was confused.
The price he quoted was $ 32,048.00.It has automatic trans.,Upgrade package 2,rear locker,side air bags,tire cover,leather wrapped steering wheel and subwoofer.It will be here on March 27th.
I can't wait.

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