White 40 FS in Marshfield, MA

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Mar 30, 2007
South Shore, MA
No affilliation - in fact was wondering if anyone here knows any details or has seen it listed anywhere.

I spotted it in Marshfield Hills last weekend in a driveway with FS signs all over it. I didn't stop, but it looks to be in good shape (not much rust).

I should be back in that neigborhood this weekend - I'll try to stop and actually get more details.

Figured I'd pass it along, in case anyone was looking for a white 40.
I talked to the guy last fall. I have his email address if you want it. It's also on Craigslist right now. It started out at about $10.5K and now it's down to $9K. It looks really clean.
It is very clean and probably a very good deal at the price. I lived in Marshfield and this guy and me had the same mechanic. If anyone is truly interested in buying it and has tet driven it, I'll give them the mechanic's number. He's a friend and doesn't have time to talk cruisers, ever!

I do remember there being some odd shortcuts to the restoration. It really is rust free from what I remember but there were some odd things about it that I really can't remember. He paid way more than his asking price for it.

Wish I could help more. I do think it's very much worth the $$$ he's asking. Then again I'm selling a BJ40 with a new drivetrain for roughly the same price so I should say it's a s***box.

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