Where to get a 2F carb rebuilt

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Jun 3, 2005
Centennial, CO
I'm in the Denver area and looking for someone to rebuild my 2F carb either locally here or somewhere where I can ship it in the US. I tried contacting both JimC (on Mud) and Mark from Mark's Offroad and neither have contacted me back. I have a local place here in Denver that does a lot of work on Land Cruisers, but I'd like to get at least one other option before I decide.


It took Jim C a couple of weeks to get back to me when I recently emailed him with a rebuild inquiry. I think he's pretty busy...
I'm still hoping for either Jim or Mark to contact me, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks mbb.
how'd you try and contact Mark? calling him is the best way.
Winston -
I'll tell you somewhere NOT to take it: Import Carburetor Rebuilders in Arvada. Went there years ago on the recommendation of a good LC mechanic in Franktown, but it turns out the place had just been sold. "Rebuilt" my Aisin so the throttle plates didn't close completely & my engine wouldn't idle correctly. Pulled it off & took it back & the guy just said "Huh". Asked him if he even looked at what he did before he shoved it across the counter at me.

I'd wait for JimC.
Curious if the 2F carbs are significantly more complicated than the aisin 22r carbs? I've rebuilt a couple of them with good results and it seems that "rebuild it yourself" is the usual answer on the truck forums, but not here?
Well I just had lunch with Mark A about an hour ago so he should be in the shop by now. you MUST call him, no email , no PM, no fax. Call.

See my sig line for his website -

But like NLXTACY says, call him, no email, 'cuz he's so old-school, he doesn't even know you can get PORNO on your computer! :hmm:

btw, both I and NLXTACY have Mark's rebuilds on our trucks - Me likes what he does.
Yes, there is only a phone number for Mark, so I called and LVM a couple of days ago with no response. I'm capable of doing it and even have the kit, but my time is just really short these days, so I'll have to pay to get it done.
Did you get a hold of him ?
I spoke with Mark this eve, 6PM my time 5PM his time, phone rang 2-3 times and Mark answered. I usually call between 4 and 5PM his time and I don't remember having to leave a message.

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