Where to find GOOD new vacuum hose

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Apr 27, 2008
Taos, New Mexico
I just got back from Checker, Auto Zone....ect. All they had was a thicker wall hose that was very soft. I felt as if I was to use this, it would pinch close when I try to fit it in some of the holders along the way.
So............... Anyone know where to get some good hose that is close to OEM

Do a search and you'll find the hose #'s

I used the silicone hose and it works fine. I used the black. The small one is a little tight, but the flop side is it won't fall off!

edit: Had I seen the thread posted by NLXTACY before, that is what I would have bought.
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McMaster Carr 562-692-5911 For a desmog engine you need 40 feet of 5236K832 1/8" ID, 1/4" OD Black and 7 feet of 4041K541 6mm ID, 9 mm OD Black. total cost $33.30 plus shipping.
ditto on McMaster Carr..... replumbed the entire vacuum system with this stuff a few years ago and it works great!

I just replaced all the vacuum lines in my rig with new silicone (3mm and 5mm ID) from boostcontroller.com for about $55. Could've cost me a few bucks less, but I rounded up figuring that I'd screw up. Went with blue instead of black so I could tell at a glance what I'd already replaced. Don't know if I should have gone w/ 3.5mm and 6mm instead, but haven't had any problems yet.
Thanks guys. i have ordered from McMaster-Carr. The search was the way to go. I dont know why I couldn't find it myself. I think the keyword for it was McMaster-Carr.
Thanks for the lead.
I used at least half a 50 foot spool.
Would everyone agree 3mm & 6mm is the sizes we should use? I would like to switch mine out.
i went searching on the forum and ended up buying 40 feet of 3mm and 10 feet of 5mm from boostcontroller.com. I hope this is enough. I will soon find out i guess. Thank you everyone for all the help!
Id'd like to update this some. For those who would like to order silicone tubing, I used just shy of 35' of 3mm and about 4' of 6mm. 1985, Bone stock, fully smogged.
I purchased from McMaster Carr and the P/N's I used are,
5041K732: 3mm ID, 7mm OD
5041K742: 6mm ID, 10mm OD

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