Wheeled my 80 for the first time WARNING NO PICS

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Aug 6, 2007
Boise, ID
Wheeled my 80 for the first time HAVE COUPLE PICS NOW

I built a 1988 mini toy with dual cases, 5.29 gears tuning 33" tires and it would go pretty darn well. I sold the truck to my Bro and bought my cruiser. We did a little trail weekend before last that he had trouble with, but eventually made it. Rocks and sand mixed makes for an interesting traction scenario. When it was my turn I was a little nervious, I hadn't spaced my front end up the additional 1.5" yet (got that done on Friday) so I wasn't sure I had the clearence. Well, even with my damage multiplier being the lowest point (it's hanging there until I have time to fab a bumper) I made it with ZERO rubbing and dragging. I couldn't believe it. It was almost too easy. I did have to be careful to keep my sheetmetal off the ledges on each side (my truck is still pretty LOL) but other then that it was easy. I won't be missing my 5spd on the next run. I love the 80!
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It's been said about a gazillion times:

Wheeling in an 80 is like cheating.
LOL, I felt like I was wheeling a school bus. It's gonna take some getting use to, but I like it. My only complaint is visibility. I can't see anything out of this thing, much less in comparison to a mini with tube doors. Gotta get a good spotter. :clap:
Mirrors go a long way. Also while cruising malls, find your corners by running into other mall cruising 80s.:D

It's a helluva lot of fun wheeling 80s, but definitely compared to minis, it's cheatin'.:cool:
It's amazing how big a difference a longer wheel base can make. My mini was already full width.
I've got sliders, but the ledges where we were are about 2-3 feet high. LOL
Well I took my rig out again. This time in a class 4 trail I've ran a few times in my minis. Couple thoughts, 1 this thing is huge when you wedge it in a wash 2 I was never stuck, just running out of protection for my sheet metal. Had a good time, and only tore up the stock rear bumper and damage multiplier, both soon to be gone.

My dad was taking pics...or so he thought. Half way through the day I found he had my cam set on the wrong setting and no pictures had been taken. Here are a couple from my phone.:doh:
Picture 026.jpg
nother pic
Haha, when I use my lockers, my buddies in their toyota trucks call it "cheating." I tell them that its as stock as their brakes.

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