What would a BJ60 be valued at with the frame inner channel going?

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Jan 11, 2008
Also, wheel wells "outer wheel well/quarter panel need repaired. Frame inner beam needs to be replaced or whole frame needs to be replaced. Drivers inner/outer needs to be repaired. Put in a temp hvac strip and rivited in place to keep water intrusion from entering into vehicle.Rear bumper needs to be replaced.

Engine has 480bls of compression. Engine oil pressure is half way or high up the scale depending if engine oil is warm or cold. Needs a new glow timer, so put in a Wilson switch to manually activate it. The transmission is good shifts fine but I think the clutch will soon need to be replaced. #2 and #3 valves need stem seals, can be done with some air pressure.

It is a daily driver just trying to get idea of what this truck would go o the open market. It has 460,000 kms.
I got $2800 for mine in similar shape. In 2006
I assume you are asking in Canada? Maybe $500. In the US maybe a few 100 more. Basically it is a wreck with an engine that needs a rebuild.
Check local c/L or your local land cruiser forum . Im sure you already know under a grand if your real lucky. If its a 5th speed the tranny out by itself is worth more than the truck whole.
Maybe mat will swap some work for you for it lol.
I guess I did good!
I'd say 1000 max as whole vehicle. I also agree you can sell it for more as parts. But I've never been in a situation myself to part out a truck at my house.
Things like tail lights might be worth 150 each, grill etc… it's a slow tedious thing and most parts that are desirable get snapped up and you're left working it for a long time.
I'd advertise it first for 1000 and see what you get for offers. Since your in BC at least it doesn't' need a safety if it's sold in BC. It would make a great plow truck.
Don't list it on this thread, or the thread is deleted. Use the classifieds please.
I tend to agree with Sailor, I think that you could sell virtually any running, driving, registered BJ60 in the US for a minimum of $2500. I sold one with 300,000 kilometers for $4000 last year and the body was shot. It drove fine but it wasn't hard to sell, I had numerous offers and I think it was fair.
I may be missing something but I don't see too many running driving BJ's on here for $1000. The only one currently for sale I think is $5k, better motor I'm sure, but still.
A quick search of Kijiji AB and BC using the terms BJ60 and diesel landcruiser comes up with the two cheapest running 60's, which happen to be HJ's; an 86 with300k in Edmonton for $2750 which looks decrepit, and a HJ60 automatic with 416k for 4200 which sounds similar to Rusty Buckets. I know asking ain't getting but I don't see too many for $500. There is also a 70's diesel 45 with a Land Rover body in Nanaimo that's pretty neat.
If you add up how much it will cost to bring it up to what one is currently going for that is in decent condition then take those numbers and subtract it from the other truck value and there you have it.
You may be in a position better to part it as other member suggested.
If you were to find a decent frame in may cost $2000. Canadian to switch it over, cutting out and installing new metal always turns into more work once knee deep. Then you have the rocker guards rear 1/4's etc... etc... etc...
That's a very fair question, no. However I think that's probably pretty subjective and not something most people advertise. I've certainly seem some "light surface rust" which was a lot more than skin deep. I was basing my idea also on the fact that one man's daily driver is another man's "whole frame needs replaced". In this case, confusingly, it's the same man.
The engine is fine. Compression 480 on all cylinders with one 470. The stem seals on two cylinders need to be replaced. I found some one who is selling a unrusted cab no frame for 500.00 within 30 min drive from me and its a california truck. He was attempting to take the roof off then stopped. I think it would make sense to buy it, take my roof off, then mig it into place. Repair my frame or order a used one. I was told its common for the inner channel to rot along the top and bottom edges. Cut out, then take a steel bar witch of beam and weld in place but, after inner channel has been cleaned out and rustmort or some anti corrosion compound put into place.
Elkhonrn, that is a good idea. Sell it south of the border :) Or, keep it. But, never less, need another vehicle this thing looks ugly to be a service vehicle.
My BJ60 was like you described yours exactly. I will testify that swapping your good motor to a California donor is a LOT of work. Its fun. I'm glad I'm doing it...But the $500 bills go out of the garage quickly. I anticipate satisfaction. Like Alberta Mac said above "knee deep".



code 621 what money did you spend on the california cruiser? Looks like a new paint job. When you had the cab pulled, did you require replacing the frame to cab bolts and every other small bolt that snapped from corrosion?
Perhaps buying a used cruiser in California would take the least amount of effort and $$ to do a engine transmission swap.
Perhaps buying a used cruiser in California would take the least amount of effort and $$ to do a engine transmission swap.

This is what I would recommend. It would seem you are spending a lot of time and effort :worms:on resurrecting a truck that just
may very well be over the hill. Spend your time and money to move forward, don't :bang:beat your head against a wall.

You could get an older 40 speed 60, for less than a 5 spd 60. there are definitely some nice bodied gassers south of the border that would bring a smile to your face with a diesel transplant.
It has been years in the process. Purchased FJ60 from a friend who owned it since '86 in 2011. $1500. Shipped to seattle. $600 Got it running well enough to get to Calgary. ( $?) sat for a while. 2014 removed body from frame. Sandblasted frame and coated with frame paint $250. Prepped and painted body. $500. New rad $500. And the list goes on.
As far as broken bolts--Not a single one. The truck had never been out of LA. Most of the bolts were still gold. Taking apart the BJ was a different matter but anything that got in the way just got cut. It's not particularly difficult but it does take considerable time. I have been working on it when I can for a year and at this pace I can see another 6 months. There just isn't much time left over after work and family. It is fun, though.


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