What to know/do when switching to LEDs

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Apr 1, 2008
I'm planning to switch my 76 to LEDs where I can.

The current 76 is running these:

volt/watt - bulb type - location
12V60/55W - H4 - headlights
12V5W - T10 - positioning lights (in the headlight)
12V21W - S25 single - front turn signals
12V5W - T10 - side marker lights
12V21W - S25 single - rear turn signals
12V21/5W - S25 double - rear stop & turn signals
12V21W - S25 single - reverse lights
12V5W - G18 - license plate lights
12V10W - T10×37 - room lights (internal x2; front & rear)

I am planning to change most of the bulbs from incandescent to LED.

For the turn signals, do I need to purchase additional items to make sure that they flash at the right frequency?

Because I am going from OEM to LED, I should have more than enough power to add a second set of running/brake lights but what is the calculation I need to do?

I plan to add a second set of running/brake lights (essentially making use of the OEM lights that Toyota does not use because Toyota uses the ones on the bumper). Toyota even did not open the holes in the OEM turn signal housing. I want to yell at that product planner.

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X2 .. there is a thread in the 80 series section about the Flasher .. the right one for the 80 series .. ( I post the part number of the one I use from SuperBrightLEDs.com .. dunno if would be the same for 70 series ..
either need a flasher relay for LED's or maybe resistors

Thanks! Looking at info at this retailer, it looks like the resistor is in line with each bulb/led whereas the relay is at/near the fuse box? I'm still a bit unclear as to why one would chose one over the other.
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