What size LED lightbar to fit opening of ARB bumper?

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Sep 20, 2011
With the flood of low cost (lower quality, I know) light bars coming on the market I'm considering putting a light bar in front of the grill on my ARB bumper. My truck is still in transit on a boat, so I won't see it for a couple months. Without having the ability to measure the opening myself, and knowing that some of you have installed a LED lightbr in your ARB bumpers, what is the best size? Without measuring I assumed a 20" or 22" might be best.

Anyone have any recommendations on a cheapo yet powerful LED lightbar with a spot/flood combo that will fit in the opening?

**before anyone blasts me, I tried searching and didn't find the answers I was looking for
My 32" will just clear the ARB. I can't say for Rigid, or other companies.
Do you have a thread with detailed pics or a vendor store with pics of the 32" mounted on you ARB?
32" on my arb using the jonesy's off road mounts.

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