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Jun 19, 2003
Nowhere Nebraska
I'm getting the short block back tomorrow, and I took the ex/intake apart when I first took the head off before the rebuild. I have the ability to make a block off for the old heat riser, should I do that or leave it all alone? Also, I'm going to rip all the EGR crap off the old asian carb, am I making a mistake? I'd like some feed back before I make a big mistake, otherwise, you boners are going to have to put up with my annoying Sh*t until I can firgure out what I screwed up! :flipoff2:
Ok, the 2f sounds like it could be hard to start after it cools down, the most I'll ever be using the 40 will be when I'm calling coyotes in the Ne sandhills, when it can be really cold. I'll set everything back up the way it was when I first got it.

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