What if you had a new toy?

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Jan 4, 2006
Denton, TX
What if you had a new toy? (I finally got a cruiser!)

After about 2 months of looking, I finally have my truck. So this is an introduction as well a question thread. First:

The truck is a 97 with 142k on the clock and save the XM is stock. Unfortunately, no lockers:doh:though I rode in an open 80 and was so impressed with what it could handle that I'm not too bummed. I'm not sure what's going on, but I think all you yankees are taking our good southern trucks. I'm James and me and my truck reside in North Texas. Here's a picture, but she won't look like this for too long (which leads into the next part...):

My wife has said that if I eat "healthy" for two months I can get something for the truck at roughly $750 give or take:bounce:(and supposedly, this continues every two months...or so she says right now)

So, if you had it to do all over, starting with a stock 80, what would you do and in what order? Things to consider:

1. It will be mostly a DD, but will also be involved in some moderate wheeling.
2. That 'something' can be 'two somethings' should the price be right.

Thanks to all who helped me find the truck and to those on this forum that quickly educated me so that I could persuade the wife.
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I know this isn't what you want to hear but if you haven't otherwise allocated $$ to maintenance of a new-to-you vehicle then you should spend the $750 to baseline the vehicle. IdahoDoug did a great write up when he first got his '97.

Something's "not stock" about the front bumper.... maybe some kind of fog lights?

If your $750 is in addition to maintenance then my first choice would be tyres if the vehicle will be hitting some real trails. If you would rather go for the look then start with the basic 50mm lift (851/860) There is a FAQ on "Best Bang for the Buck" or something like that. Good read.

There are a lot of low-cost things you can do:
* CDL switch & pin-7 mod
* Extend diff breathers
* 100 series front pads
* HIR lights
* Remove running boards and get front mud flaps from C-Dan
* CB radio
* Spare tyre carrier mod to raise spare ~1"
* Paint hub caps
* Fix broken antenna

Oh yeah, one more thing... Nice choice of colors! :D


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New car maintenance is outside of this money. That was built into the asking price. Their are fog lights in the bumper, but those are coming out (weren't intsalled well).
1-Take Grandma Running Boards and attach front Mud Flaps like all ready posted....I would also remove the spare tire from underneath the cruiser and mount else ware.....
2-lift OME 2.5
3-33" Tires (mud tearrains or All-terrains...your choice)
4-Front ARB Bumper

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