What heater is this?

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Jul 26, 2007
I just took some pictures of my tool box, and figured I get one of this while I was at it. Can anyone help identify what kind of heater this is?

100_6642 lr.JPG
Looks like something aftermarket Dean. I heard the Toyota heater was available in 64 but I have never seen one in a 64. Both my 65 FJ45 didn't have the factory heater option. both had aftermarket heaters installed.
Thanks John...you which Toyota heater that might have been?
we had a 64 here with that very same heater .i think it was an old jc whitney heater but am not sure.out of all the 64 and65 fj40s we have owned they all had different heaters and 1 never had one installed at all .i had saved all those heater for years then when scrap went way up i cleaned house.good luck

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