What do ya know about Hellcreek Suspension?

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Just curious if anyone has had experience with Hellcreek suspension. Looking at a kit that comes with Heckethorn Hydro 8000 Shocks and poly bushings. Any help is appreciated.
I've emailed them asking if they outsource the manufacturing. The told me before they are quite similar to Skyjacker Softride in Performance. What about the heckethorne shocks? Anyone know about them? Seems like I've heard of them before on some message board. Can't remember if it was good or bad. I have a daily driver so I'd like some shocks that are a good onroad ride but can perform off-road
I know a guy who put a HellCreek system on his CJ-8. He seemed to like it quite a bit and said it only set him back around $300 for the complete kit with shocks. He did mention however that he upgraded his kit to include Nitrogen shocks instead of whatever else they came with, because the standard shocks were not as adjustable and were meant for more on-highway use whereas the nitro shocks were designed to produce a good highway ride as well as being able to perform off-highway. Hope this helps.
I found out Hellcreek suspension springs are made by the Laher Corporation in New Albany, MS. I guess the Laher family has been building them since 1908. They've been making springs for companies like Rocky Mountain Suspension, Super Lift, Rusty's off-road and more. Apparently just recently one of the Family members started selling them under the Hell Creek Suspension name. Just a little info for whoever cares. I haven't heard of these other names they've made springs for has anyone else?

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