What colour!!??

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Apr 8, 2019
My 80 is booked for a full professional respray next month.
I have no intention on selling so don’t need to keep to original 6m1 colour. Also will keep her stock looking wise, probably!
Torn between an olive green 653 or a nebula maybe.
What you think?

i would go solid, never liked sparkly paint save for the 40th anniversary champagne color. Always liked green. The FJ40 stock green is sharp, maybe a darker shade would be fitting for an 80
I agree - will have to decided about the bumpers as well...
I went with the car color on the bumper and now I’m switching to black, not too jazzed with matching. Might leave the corners color matched though. My rears are black too, along with emblems

Well, if it's in Ireland, then it needs to be RED!
Check out the first pic:
Check out the first pic:

Damn that’s nice.
Black or White. Could probably get away without doing the doorjams if you did black.
Gun metal grey
I always liked the green on the 97. Seemed to really look nice.

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