Weird nose after front axle job

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Oct 11, 2010
Iowa City IA area
First off it is not coming from the axle. It is coming from right behind the radiator. Like rattling. With the hood up messing with the throttle it seems to get worse. Other then that it drives great. But the noise was not there before the axle job. Any ideas? I spelled noise wrong
well if the noise is coming from the radiator, i would first take the possibility of the front service causing it because they sound like isolated issues. It always happens like this and they usually are coincidental.

first off we need a bit more info about your rig i think. fj or fzj? stock fans or electric?
Unrelated to an axle service, but it could be the A/C idler, A/C brg, or a cogged v-belt, or even the wrong belt tension.
96 it has a new fan. But it is oem. The noise is not that loud. You can't hear it in the cab. For that fact you can't hear if you are standing next to the drivers door you have to be right in front of it
maybe the noise only happens when you stand right in front of it.

On a serious note, i would check the belt tensions and the pulleys and what now. Also make sure the fan isnt hitting the shroud or anything. Maybe there is a twig or leaf stuck in there.
remove the idler pulley and see if it stops
there are guys on here that have removed the pulley all together with no ill effect


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