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Feb 9, 2004
Cool Comfy AZ
OK This is strange.... Changed the oil last night, went to start the engine and nothing. Clicks from the starter, radio going babababababa when I hit the key... checked the battery cables, a little dirty, cleaned, reinstalled, no start. Checked battery water (no Optima, yet) it's OK. Battery voltage a little low at the dash gauge (VOM no 9-volt battery WTF! argh) so I connected the trickle charger.... pulling about 5 amps during charge (not REAL high) so I leave it anyway, "charged" for about 1 hour, check battery, no bubbling from charging, amp draw still 5, disconnect charger, hit key.... it starts. Note: the oil level was not full when I tried to start at first). Strange, because the battery didn't really seem to need charging. I must have started the truck 5-6 times earlier in the day, no problems, no slow cranking.... WTF?

I know there is a oil level sensor on the 94, is there something in the ECU that says "low oil, no start"? I would think in that case the starter would not have clicked.... weird. Going to buy an Optima today and order cables from Urban Land Cruisers....
Nov 8, 2004
Listen to alaska advice.
My 96' with 166k just did the same.
All you hear is a metallic clack of the bendix hitting the flywheel but no crank spin.
It the contacts ($12) and plunger ($24). One hour off, One hour on max.
Be sure you have extensions and u-joints for your sockets.
Remove the drivers side wheel, lift flap at back and its right there.
On mine, the bottom bolt is taken off towards the back. Its tight.
On the top it goes off towards front. This is the tricky one.
Take care to not strip them, remember they have been there 150k.
If you get the work done its 3 hours book time ($75/hr) and $175 for a new starter.
Good luck
Jul 20, 2004
Chandler, AZ
A good 3/8" impact makes this job much easier, I get both bolts from under the truck. Be sure to disconnect the battery before starting the job.

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