Weird driver window operation

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May 21, 2011
Angeles City, Philippines
after a heavy rain here in Angeles City my Driver's side PW stopped working. I had a new oem motor installed a few weeks back. seem to only work after the door is slammed hard :bang:. I checked the mechanism already as well as lubed up the tracks any ideas.

BTW I already used the search to no avail

Your problem sounds more power related like a short or bad connection. You may want to check the wire connections at the switch and at the motor while giving them a wiggle at the connections while trying to raise and lower the window. Use dielectric grease in the connections as well. Check the wires at the door is hinge wire loom for any sign of ware.
im reluctant to open & check the switch. I already checked for loose ends & such. I might have to go back to a mechanic & have the window checked thoroughly.

when pressing the DS window switch, i get usage on my volt meter, so i guess it may not be an electrical issue

I cant find any dielectric grease anywhere here in Philippines.

Make sure the glass is installed straight. Check track for hard grease deposits. MIke
You may be able to get a marine grease that works on electrical connections.

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