For Sale Weber 38/38 & 6-2-1 header - Indianapolis

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Jul 9, 2008
Denver, CO
United States
Weber 38/38 $200 + shipping ...OBO

I bought this carb about 7 years ago and ran it on 2 separate engines. It works awesome. I've begun the Chevy 350 conversion and I don't need this carb anymore.

You may want to buy a fresh air horn gasket and double check the float settings, but I'll bet even without that it'll be perfect. This one comes with the optional fuel cut solenoid that prevents dieseling. I will include the 2-piece adapter, but it really sucks. I would recommend... strongly... getting the one piece carb adapter from RedLine. I used a custom cable which is not offered in this sale. I have a hand full of jets that I'll dig up if I find a buyer for it. I had a set of high-altitude jets in there when I was out west. Right now it's jetted for low altitude. 0-5,000ASL

6-2-1 Header $100 + shipping ...OBO

I bought this header around the same time as the carb. I picked it up from TPI Land Cruiser. This is a nice heavy-duty set of headers. I wrapped them in thermal tape because they were just looking a little funky after years of heat coloration and some baked on Wyoming mud. =) I wire brushed them before wrapping them. they've never given me any trouble. No rust issues whatsoever. I'll include the header flange that I cut from the exhaust pipe.

I'll take some photos this evening and post them ASAP.
Here's some shots of the carb. I couldn't get a decent photo down the air horn but it has a light carbon coating as would be expected with a PCV engine.
brian said:
in line for the header.
idea on shipping it too 17046?

Brian if it weighs 15 lbs it'll be around $15 to ship. Likely it'll be more since it's an oversized box. Let me check the weight at work tomorrow and I'll let you know for sure.

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