Water Temp Sender

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Aug 12, 2014
Near Charlottesville, VA
I'm away from my BJ74 (sniff!).

Anyone know the type of threads on the coolant temperature sender?
Did not know that was an option.
Most threads on the 13B-T are metric, some of the water tappings are 1/2" BSP (British Standard Pipe thread). There is a 1/2" plug on the front right side of the head just above the alternator bracket. I used a 1/2" to 3/8" reducer in that with an Auberins temp sender and digital gauge.
Thanks Bob! Oil pressure sender fitting is BSP too.
Auberins uses NPT thread for their sensors slightly different to BSP, but will work.
I'm thinking of using a Smith's dual gauge which is mechanical oil pressure and coolant temp. Uses 3/8" NPT for the water.
There are NPT-BSP and BSP-NPT adapters. McCaster Carr has a good selection of hard to find sizes in straights, elbows, and T's...
I wouldn't thread NPT into BSP especially on an engine block.
Good call on the adapters. I'll have to see if space is a problem.
The primary difference between NPT and BSP is that NPT has more taper while the pitch is the same. One can use taps and dies to alter fittings and tapped holes in many cases.

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