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Jan 29, 2003
I have some things that I am looking to guy ot trade.

I need

FJ40 or FJ60 solid and shackle side spring purches (just enough for one axle) Used would be great
12v water pump, something similar to what a rv would use
5 gallon propane bottle for like a BBQ
Stainless sink
3500 lbs trailer axle with trailer brakes (if it needs a rebuilt that is ok)
Poly water tank (at least 16 gallon)
Also looking for 2 6 lug 15x8 or 15x10 wheels
37" tires, 35 would be ok to

Let me know if anyone has any of tis laying around.
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I have 1 or 2 Prius 12-volt water pumps laying around. They have about a 3/4" inlet & outlet, and I think I would also have the pigtail that would plug into it.
Probably have a propane tank........Sounds like your gonna do some camping.
Here's what it looks like.


If you go with new 37's and sell me yours we can work my 2 really good 35 mtrs and the wheels into the deal. Erin is remodeling her kitchen...if her sink is stainless i'll see if you can just have it.
What are those used for and do you know how much water they pump. The pump will be for a on board shower.

It's for a Prius, it pumps the coolant for the inverter, runs constantly while the car is on.

I'm not sure if it puts out much pressure but I think the volume is pretty good. Maybe I'll hook it up and try it out.:hillbilly:
Cacy checkout Northern tool SHURFLO (correct spelling) 12v pumps @ $60 new or go to a farm supply and check out the 12v spray systems for chemical applications, should have the same size you looking for or close to it. They are on demand systems with anywhere between 1-4 gpm depending on your budget. At least if you buy new your hair wont be glowing from the toxic sludge the guy forgot to tell you about.LOL ! (not you Toyota Don).
Let me know, I will come out and cut them off if I need to.

I think they are still attached to the frame sections from the FJ60 I cut up.

I will double check but if you want them, they are yours.
What would you like for the tankj. Finally starting the trialer build.

We'll work something out............maybe you could mow my lawn LOL:lol:
Just checked out MUD's trailer tech & the post of " My Version" by OlimpiaFJ60, and it seems to have all the or address most of the issues that you are considering. As I am considering selling my 5x8 HD utility trailer or breaking down and maybe considering building it up, as it is in need of a overhaul. Good Luck
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Found them. They are for both ends of the perches of the spring off of an FJ60 series.

I cut the frame in sections. The sections are laying there with the perches on them.

I also have a Pile O Springs. 2 of them are new FJ 40 2.5" but the rest were traded out with other club memebrs.

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