warn m12000 rebuild question

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May 31, 2010
I am in process of rebuilding my M12000. I have new gaskets and nylon bushings. I know to grease the gears. But can I put a thin coat of grease on the nylon bushings? Also two years ago i took it apart and painted the drum. But the paint is already pulled off in stripes where the cable was tight. Should I paint it again? I will switch to rope soon. Does the rope line also chew through the paint the same way? I know the rope needs a smooth drum to avoid wearing it. Will chewed up paint be rough enough to hurt the synthetic winch line?
But you didn't answer any of the OP's questions. The rest of us would like to know the 'official' opinion on such things as well.
Ok, so here's the official answer:

Yes, light coat of grease on the drum bushings. Don't overdue it, don't want it to travel inside the drum and getting to the brake. Paint will rub off using steel cable. It shouldn't affect future use of synthetic rope unless there are sharp edges. If there are sharp areas on the drum, you will want to smooth those out before install so as not to damage the synthetic line.

- Andy
Happiness! Thanks!

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