Wanted Wanted JD2 Model 3 Tubing Bender

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May 11, 2005
United States
I need a JD2 Model 3 Tubing Bender.

Give me a shout if you got one.


I am going to build my own base, so I may just get one from Medford Tools.

I used one to build my cage and stinger. They work great. A very nice piece of equipment.

Does anybody know anything about the Pro-tools bender? Seems to be a pretty good price.
A guy at work just bought one straight from JD2 and paid 299 for the bender with degree ring and another 250 or something for the 1.5" die he needed. Came to 600 with shipping and such. I did a quick solidworks drawing of all the parts and figured I would mill one out next week and give it a try. Shop around, the Pirate deal didn't seem that great to me. Jd2 shipped my friend's bender two days after getting the order.
There was a guy on ebay selling a jd2 knock-off for 199 without dies. His was made out of 3/4" cold roll instead of the 1/2 that the model 3 is made of.
You could do it with solidworks, but the bend tech 3-d is specific for piping I would think. Solidworks also cost several thousand dollars but is useful in drawing parts that make up things like benders...motors.... You can also enter in load points and determine fatigue and failure in parts which is fun to play with.
The JD2 software is nice for the idiots like me, you put in your height, distance for top bar, distance between legs, and it tell you where to start the bend and how many degrees to make each bend. I could probably draw it out and figure it out, but for 40 bucks I'll let the software do it.
I know of a used JD2 Model 3 Bender. Comes with 1.5" and 2" dies. Let me know if you are interested via PM and I will get you the info. Finders fee? :)
Not a JD2 but I did see a Pro-Tools tubing bender for sale in the Atlanta Advertiser. Says it's complete w/stand, degree wheel & 3 die sets (doesn't give the die sizes). Like new cond. $700.00 OBO 770-778-5816 or 770-922-8688.

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