Want to help with Desmog?

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Sep 17, 2017
Anderson, SC
Hey Cruisers,

Mostly done with a desmog from what I can tell. Keeping the stock carb and distributor for a bit until can send off to Jim C or Trollholes.
Anybody want to help me get my 60 running? I'm very new to Cruisers and the previous owner left quite the vacuum mess after a poor attempt at a desmog so I could use some experience. I'll provide beer, pizza, whatever you fancy.

Located in Anderson.

While I do know my Ass from an Alternator, I am absolutely no help for this but would be willing to come drink your beer, eat your pizza and fetch or hold things for those that do know what to do! Kuddos for making the ask!
Also, I've got everything smog-related off already. Just need help with vacuum line routing.

Which systems do you want to retain? Vaccum dizzy advance I assume, what about HAC? CB?

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